Insurance is subject to provide security for every one...

We know insurance is subject to provide security for every one to prevent him/her self avoid future uncertainties, now a days people can invest their money in stock market, mutual fund, share broking, agency dealership etc. Everybody want affordable insurance, but the average amount pay for insurance every year its varies from state to state and standard of living economy., some people go for long term insurance some go for short term insurance its depend upon their continuity their premium with all balanced activity in their general terms:-

Firstly: Insurance per capita enhance the term in this uncertainty world a single person how much spend price in his future safety, it may vary due to living standard of the people.
Secondly: Everybody should invest at least a little portion of amount in his/her security not only to protect him/her self for unusual debt, but also some hide circumstances which will be more helpful at those time when required this maturity amount to get out of unusual debt to you and your family.
Thirdly: Generally, it has been seen in a scenario like in a family there is lots of family members, in that some has to shown his interest in insurance, and some shown his interest in stock market and other investment, guys who don’t keen to take interest in insurance they are probably get into debt due to high risk in short tem and to get big benefit ,which is happen depend on the market ,insurance subject never says you won’t go for long-term or shot- term or mid- term .there is also more investment facility according to our needs and benefits.
Fourthly: If we can go some years back that time only few companies of insurance around the world who provide the guaranteed service, but now a days there are lots of insurance companies are educate their service for every one, earlier it was not carrying more parameter of benefits towards the people like health insurance, accidental benefits, and personal insurance.
Fifthly: As much as you can invest you money in other activity likes go for credit cards, purchasing games, go for different loans, car purchasing, etc but always keep in mind that if we have insurance then it will help to overcome in bad shape of your life.
Sixthly: Last but not least I would like to reveal one thing motto of insurance is to maximize profit and motto of people who go for insurance earn with life cover of his/her family benefits.
My personal experience what I had faced when I used to work as an agent in Insurance Company, why people not go for insurance. In addition, some more reason.

A small story I shared with you.
( It’s a story of an agent and an insurer, an insure is an auto rickshaw driver his monthly income was Rs.1500/- if we calculate his gross annual amount will around Rs.18000/-, it is possible for that auto driver to insure his life in insurance by paying cash Rs.5000 per month to cover his life for an accident ,obliviously no when an agent try to make them understand that he has to pay rs.7000/- per month he said this is beyond my capacity I have filmy and proportionate amount will be invest my household expenses, some amount invest in my alcohol, drug etc,and rest amount will be invest on children education so at the end of the month I don’t have single penny to invest in your policy, this is first scenario….

Second scenario is that insurance agent makes him understood that his life is how much important for his family and up coming future of his children, and an agent said how he save his money for this policy if he spend per day 30 bulks in his alcohol or drugs addicted thing, and that 30 bulks if we calculate at the end of the month it will stand around amount. /-900.that agent guys asked that driver how much your children life is so secure in future whose father spend most of the money in addicted activity, that agent make him understand if he is go for his policy it will beneficial for him but he go his son policy also then it will secure his son future, so instead one policy you go for two short term policy (for you it will 500 bulks per month) and for (your son it will 400 bulks per month) so altogether rs.900/- and you will be out of addicted thing and maturity period will be 8years and 10 years, during this period if something gone wrong happened your family(Nominee) will be entitled of this maturity amount for that you have to continued this police at least 3 years without any interruption. After the maturity period, you and your family will be in stable position agent convinced that person and secure their life.)

Insurance is not so beneficial in monetary terms, profits, or wealth building but it more than important that to secure, save and growth of human life.

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  1. Oskar schiffer on November 11, 2008 at 10:47 PM

    grt work ...keep it up

  2. nancy on November 12, 2008 at 1:27 AM

    Good to see your blog, Its new but really informative.
    Just keep it up, all the best from my side.