Insurance is a safe gurad for future debt...

I have been long time research on many financial moods that would be taken some bad and good aspects in human life, i am going to post insurance on my blog (The population in this world, and the prominence of insurance is not as widely understood, as it ought to be. What follows is an attempt to acquaint readers with some of the concepts of life insurance, as well as General Insurance, as we know now in world every where most of the insurance company has been launched to promote their productivity and growth, as we know insurance is matter of solicitation because until and unless someone not going to make you understand what, why and whom insurance is so important and how much security contain in this word, no can being understood so its matter for solicitation .

Overview on Insurance:
Insurance can define in two categories Life and General, Life insurance is a contract that pledges payment of an amount to the person assured (or his nominee) on the happening of the event insured against after the maturity of policy on the other hand General insurance is insuring anything other than human life is called general insurance in respect of insurance of property, it is important that the cover is taken for the actual value of the property to avoid being imposed a penalty should there be a claim, so people can go insured their property against fire, burglary etc, there are also some sub category of insurance personal insurance which include Accident and Health Insurance, and liability insurance.

I have research on most of the financial tools there is risk factor will engaged as phrases about the insurance there is also risk factor containing, if we don’t have proper knowledge about that how insurance is going to be run and how it comes being profitable for us, then it create a big question for every one, some uncertainty are unavoidable in every stages of life which may happen with any category of age.
There is a point, which is always strike in mind that every work has two sides like those that a coin has two aspects “tail and head”. However, we people forget these things before we take a decision we think some extent but not the ultimate one, so that is the root cause of not continue your feed for the long term. Whenever go for insurance you always make some debts free life that will helpful for continue the insurance policy.

Think before you invest anything. Do you really need it? If not put it back.
1. Be strict with yourself. In addition, find the reason to do.
2. Be making your personal need debt free do not make it compromise with other activity, which is increase, your debt.
3. If you think you "need" something, for your family sake take the decision with judge fully e. If you still believe you need it, and then definitely you get it.
This experience i share with you guys because there is maximum chances will happen that we go for insurance and we don’t how to continue the policy premium, in human life their some other activity which make his /her life into debt and we loose the fruitful one.

"A wise human never tries to warm himself/herself in front of a painting of a fire"

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