Gold is the best investment...

If some one invest in a process, then in investment market there are not any other instrument that can compete the gold not even fixed deposit or share market investment. Attention factor: the price of gold always changes since the ancient time. Gold was most extraordinary instrument happened in 2001 where at the equally decline in paper currency precise. Gold is moved up by the rate of inflation and US dollar difference because the price increases in gold this time. As per the expertise view, it is proved that gold does not have any effect of inflation.

The superior choice at this time is gold investment, which will give you more beneficial in compared to other option because it is "immune" inflation. After having investment in gold diversification for investment is very good in the share or property investment. Recent makers of gold occurrence confirmed the price of gold would always rise in the decline of production.

However, several weaknesses of gold investment. Some of them are as follows:
1. Gold investment did not convey for short-term investment because of its minimizing aspect.
2. The prospective investor must also consider that buying gold is impractical.
3. The Investment return is relatively balanced and not more interesting when remaining compared by the share or property.
4. Its very difficult to store and handling. When the storage is poor, reaction process can occur and it can change the color of gold
5. The storage of gold in huge amount often is not enough to be placed in the house.
6. The quantity of gold only depended on the knowledge that is easy changed.
7. Probability of lost, and it can be stolen or robbed
8. Gold took to be the reflection implement because did not produce amount flow.

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