Are you ready to blog?

Before introduction on starting about how to write a blog and which post will benefit for you or you should write it? The foremost thing is that you need to know the purpose of your blog, whether it is for business to create profit or as personal diary for fun.

This one is most vital point before create any blog, whatever you are going to post or write it you should have full depth knowledge and expressive words, and most important passionate about.

Purpose to create a blog

Before start writing for your blog you should fully concerned about your blog post, as I asked it I mine introduction section that purpose of blog should be transparent to the visitors and first of all you, until and unless if you cannot find the answer of purpose behind creating a blog it will not all fruitful, it just being wothles,,, Not only you need a purpose but you have also gain the full knowledge and passion whatever you going to write.

Two successful key of blogging: Knowledge and Passion

If you don't have depth knowledge and passion about blogging your blog is not work up to mark and get failed, most prominent element required to stat a blogging is knowledge and potential writing. When you start blogging you need to continue your writing, even when you hit a down period and don't feel as though you have anything to contribute.

Check your knowledge test: Take a pen and paper and state writing an article on topic whatever you have an idea and your deep thoughts with a unique title, just check yourself that you are able to create at least 20 to 25 articles ideas in about 10 or 15 minutes. It would be help to think about various topics that will be the best think...

Check your passion test: As per passion related issue just ask yourself some questions related topics – That do you think about this topic every day? Multiple times per day? Are you chatting with your friends about this topic? Can you talk about it for hours? Do you potentially search out new information on your topic or actively bring it up in conversations? If all the answer will be YES that would be helping to creating a passion in your blog.

How many topics should you write about?

Just give one main theme to your blog. Visitors are like to read related topics on the same site for that reason it is best to concentrate or focus on one topic or a set of related topics. On Debt Solution I focus on "personal finance and other debt related" topics. These aren’t closely the same topic, but they are related closely enough that it makes sense to combine the topics. It will be definitely easier to grow you blog in terms of visitors and traffic if readers know what to expect.

On which topics you should write?

You are the only can answer that question. My suggestions are to brainstorm, go for knowledge and passion test drive, then start off with the topic in which you have interest and fully knowledge. Sometimes it may be tempting to try and start 10 blogs at once because that time you have the passion for those particular topics, but if you want to make yourself as successful try to concentrate on a particular blog to begin with. Most people realized the commitment of time value and strength of learning.

What about money? Less bothered, Have you noticed that I didn’t come up money matters yet! The only reason money shouldn’t motive into why you want to start a blogging. If you have the passion of writing in your blog which will help to get readers and traffic, And with those two vital elements, you can start thinking about making money with your blog.

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