International Forex Trading Platform

Forex has been around for some time now. At first, it was used by international banks to exchange currencies. Then thanks to technology, an international forex trading platform is built. Since then, the whole personal finance world is different.

While widely spread in internet, most of the information you received about forex are mostly bias and not the entire truth. There are a few reasons behind that;

1. People spread messages with the purpose of earning your money, not just plain sharing or teaching.
2. Most people do not really study forex thoroughly, even if they have been teaching for years ...
3. Most people only need to learn one or two skills to start earning money, but will eventually ended up losing.
4. etc.

Here are the ultimate tips and ALL the tips you will ever need in trading forex at a personal level. They may not guarantee you immediate richness, but if the steps are followed strictly, it is guarantee you know what you are doing when you trade forex.

1. Download FREE trading software/platform, from Meta4
2. Sign up FREE demo account
3. Understand Price Gap
4. Learn Expert Advisor ( THE MOST IMPORTANT !!! )
5. Use Real Money only if you pass step 4
6. Apply Money Management, Risk Reward Ratio, Win Lost ratio etc.

The MOST CRITICAL step is #4 where most people overlook, some experts will even purposely hide step 4 from most traders. More details can be found in this article in 21st century Personal Finance
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  1. Forex FX-Trader on December 15, 2009 at 1:51 AM

    Forex trading is all about taking the risk. It can't be avoided but can be reduced. For new forex traders, look for a forex mentor that has broad knowledge in trading. A trader must be clever enough or he may just end up losing all his trade.