Need Money For A Job Interview?

Are You In A Dire Situation?
Imagine that you are in a foreign country, thousands of miles away from home. In this situation, if you suddenly run out of cash, what do you do? In this emergency cash guide, we will show you the ways in which you can receive money, if you are stuck in such a dire situation. This guide is especially useful if you are a student, studying outside your home country. What if you run out of cash and you need to travel for a job interview? It happens many a times if you are a student. The emergency cash guide gives you the ways in which you can receive cash immediately.

Western Union Money Transfer

The easiest and the fastest way to receive money, according to the emergency cash guide, is a Western Union money transfer. Through Western Union money transfer, you can receive cash within minutes. The best part about this is that, neither the sender nor the receiver needs to have a bank account. The sender can transfer money either online or through an agent. You will find a Western Union agent almost anywhere. If you are sending money online, all you need to do is provide details about your credit or debit card, fill in the amount you want to send along with the commission, fill in the name of the receiver, and confirm the transaction. The system will generate a money transfer code number (MTCN). All you have to do then is to send the code to the receiver, who can go to a Western Union agent, show the money transfer code number, and an identity card. The agent will verify all the details, and give you the money. You have received cash within a few minutes. If you are sending money through an agent, all you have to do is find an agent nearby you, show an identity card, fill up a form, with the amount you want to send, and give the agent commission to transfer the money. The agent will give you the money transfer code number, which you have to send to the receiver. The receiver has to follow the same procedure, which we have mentioned earlier. Western Union money transfer is a very convenient, and the fastest way to transfer money to any part of the world.

Wire Transfer

Although Western Union is the fastest and the most convenient way to transfer, the commission charged to you can be very steep, especially if you want to transfer a large amount. So, if the receiver can hold on for a day or two, you can do a wire transfer. For a wire transfer, both the sender and the receiver need to have a bank account. The receiver has to provide the sender with his IBAN, and BIC code. The sender than can go to his bank and request a wire transfer and provide the bank with the receiver’s IBAN and BIC code. The sender’s bank takes on from there. It sends a message through a secure system, called SWIFT, to the receiver's bank. The sender’s bank will charge the sender a commission to transfer, while the receiver’s bank will deduct a transaction fee from the amount credited to the receiver’ account. The commission charged is the same, irrespective of the amount transferred. Generally, the receiver will receive the money in a day or two.

In this emergency guide, we have shown two very convenient and fast ways to transfer money. So the next time, if you are in a dire situation and need money fast, follow either of the two ways we have explained in this guide.
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