FHA Mortgage Loans – The Benefits

If you have low income or a bad credit history and want to purchase a property, the best option for you is to go for a FHA mortgage loan. The FHA is the Federal Housing Administration, and it allows loan approvals for sub – prime buyers offering them lower interest rates than other financial institutions. It is basically an alternative to conventional financing, people who cannot meet the requirements of conventional loans help themselves out with FHA mortgage loans. If you are interested in such loans then first you should know about how they work and how to get one.

Firstly the FHA is giving out mortgage loans to needy families and not to people who have a higher income. People from the lower income group get the benefit of such FHA mortgage loans. You will have to lend this money from a private financial institution which will be backed by FHA. Thus the Federal Housing Administration does not lend you the money; instead it insures the lender that it will not incur any loss if the borrower defaults.

It is a very suitable type of loan for first time buyers with low income. This is because a buyer can take the advantage of obtaining FHA mortgage loans by a down as low as 3 percent. The credit score of the borrower is not taken into account. This simplifies the process of getting a loan for the needy lower income groups. Your lender will help you out all in the process of applying for such type of loans. The one major thing that the FHA will check is that how much debt you have and compare it with your monthly income. It will also investigate of how often you have paid your rent or previous mortgages, or even made your credit payments on time. As getting FHA mortgage loans are very easy, the terms are very flexible. This can help you to balance your position if there appears a financial problem.

With all these advantages of FHA mortgage loans there are a couple of things that might stand in your way while applying for it. If you have filed a bankruptcy, you need to wait for 2 years till the process is entirely finished. And if you already had a foreclosures placed, then you have to wait for at least 3 years before you can qualify for the loan. You can simply wait for the time or you are free to go for a different type of loan program.

When you have decided to get FHA – backed loans, first you have to find out which banks are giving out such loan programs. You can compare the loan from different banks which will be helped out by a mortgage lender. The rates, closing costs and the terms of the loan are set by the lenders. So you can compare and choose the best loan deal which suits you best. Thus FHA mortgage loans are the best way for financially struggling people to get a home of their own.
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