FHA Section 221 – Eden to Multifamily Loan Investors

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a Government Act which contains various rules and regulations regarding real estate. The Section 221 of this Act has a loan program which is considered the best in today's market. Multifamily apartment loans investors get a hell lot of benefits from such a program.

The FHA Section 221 is actually a Federal mortgage insured program. The Government is not funding the loan but insuring it against default. The Section 21(d) gives the provision of mortgage insurance to HUD approved lenders. This is basically for the assistance of the development for any apartments or multifamily rental properties. The multifamily apartment loans program ensures for long – term mortgages. The mortgages may range up to 40 years and they can be financed by Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) Mortgage Backed Securities.

Both the non – profit and for – profit borrowers gets the availability of such a loan program. Section 221(d)(3) gives the declaration for the non – profit borrowers who can avail a mortgage up to 100 percent of the estimated replacement cost of the project. While the Section 221(d)(4) states the advantage of the for – profit borrowers who can also avail a maximum mortgage of 90 percent of the replacement cost estimated of the project. This type of loan program is designed for all types of income groups. The properties involved can be used for senior or handicap tenants also. The only consideration in this program is that the property should have at least 5 units.

There are a number of benefits for which such a loan program is successful in the market today. Some of the benefits are listed below
It has a 40 Year Term
• The interest rate is fixed and low in comparison to other forms of loans
• It is based on the total replacement cost including the land also.
• A 10 percent Developer's Fee can be allowed towards equity requirements.
• There is no variation in the maximum and minimum loan amounts for different lenders.
• Occupancy is not required for such loans.

Thus as the benefits emerge in the day to day market there are a few drawbacks also. But they are negligible with such a vast amount of benefits. This attracts the developers for bigger projects with such multifamily apartment loans program. Finally, before going for that commercial property take the time out to educate yourself.
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