4 Ways to get health insurance with pre-existing conditions

If you want to get a health care policy with per-existing medical conditions, you must know what it actually means to the several health insurance companies. Companies put you under the category of pre-existing medical condition if you have any existing medical ailments, diseases or even pregnancy in 12 months before applying for any plan. Under such circumstances getting a health insurance for yourself can be very difficult as the company may or may not accept your application. Even if they agree to cover you, they might charge you a higher premium or try and exempt your existing ailment from the policy. However, there are still some ways to get a coverage under such conditions.

How to get health insurance with per-existing condition

There are certain ways to find health insurance under such circumstances.

Group health plan – This is the best option that you can avail if you have per-existing medical conditions. If you opt for group health insurance plan you can easily get the proper coverage regardless of your per-existing medical condition. You can also get the benefit of reduced premium as the cost of health coverage is subsidized for such options.

Higher deductible health care plan – There are companies that offer you higher deductible health care plan irrespective of your per-existing medical condition. You simply need to pay a higher deductible to get enrolled in this plan. However, there are exceptions too. If you are suffering from any chronic diseases like HIV, cancer and others, you may be refused coverage even under higher deductible option.

State High Risk Health Insurance Pool – If you are still turned down by health insurance companies, you can opt for health care plans from your state's high risk insurance pool. It may not be an affordable one, but may be the only available option for you.

Less comprehensive coverage – This is the most easily available option as many companies will readily offer you coverage regardless of your pre-existing condition if you are ready to accept a plan with less coverage and limited benefits.

Make sure that you read through the terms and condition of the health insurance policy before you sign in the agreement.
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