Do you need legal assistance with debt settlement in US?

Credit card debt is a perpetual problem that is gripping the entire nation. Presently America's total debt is $13 trillion and counting.  

Did you know that almost 68% of working Americans need debt relief and the number is growing every day?

The system of credit card bills, high interest rates, medical bills etc is a nefarious trap. The money evaporates even before you realize. However, there is hope for you. The solution to all the credit card problem is a debt settlement service.

When you research on debt relief programs on the Internet, you might find many articles with the opinion that debt settlement can be done by one own self as it is a simple method and involves no costs. However, is it really that easy to handle your own debt?
It is always advisable to let a debt settlement attorney handle the entire situation. It is definitely not worthwhile for you to take any unnecessary financial risk.

If you do not have a strong financial background, it is best to let a legal consultant handle your debt account. He will be able to explain you the pros and cons of debt settlement services. He will be able to give you an idea about the criteria that you need to fulfill in order to qualify for the debt settlement services.
Here are some important reasons why you should hire a debt settlement lawyer:

In case you have an enormous debt: It is advisable to go to a lawyer. Reputed lawyers usually charge a hefty consultation fee. If your debt amount is not huge, you might end up paying more money to the lawyer than what you would have paid towards your debt.

When the debt is unsecured: If you have a secured debt, it becomes easier for the creditors to retrieve the money by claiming and forcefully acquiring your property. In case of an unsecured debt, your attorney can negotiate and settle the debts with the creditors on your behalf.

When creditors harass you with calls at home as well as at work: Many a times, the creditors resort to unfair means of collecting money. They use abusive language and damage personal properties. Once you sign up for a debt settlement service, such harassments would stop immediately.

If the collection agencies are recording your conversation: Recording telephonic conversation is illegal and violates the statutes. If a collection agency is secretly recording your conversation, they can be penalized by the law. Only a debt settlement lawyer can tackle such forms of harassment.

If your credit report is manipulated: You might not be aware that some collection agencies might alter your credit scores. It is also an illegal tactic implemented by the collection agency that may result in your falling prey to debts.

Remember, once you hit the maze, it is a down hill spiral from there. So, it is better to always measure your steps. Be careful about all the interactions that you make with the creditors and live a financially stress free life.
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