8 Ugly Truths About Your Shopping cart

Just why does your bill soar over $100 every week? You walk into the store like a sitting duck with zero preparation. And buyer's remorse sets in as you load up the checkout dreadmill. If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail. Here's why your cart is an embarrassing mess and what you can do about it:

1. There are items in the cart you didn't intend to buy.

Your first lesson to learn in Smart Shopping 101 is to enter every store armed with a list. No ifs, ands or buts. Do not set one foot inside without some sort of list, either in hand or on your phone. Sit in your car outside and do it there. Better yet, keep a running tally of needs, wants, and prices you'd pay for most of them on your refrigerator.

What happens when you shop sans list is you'll see something that looks like a deal. The problem is you subject yourself to smartly crafted emotional and psychological tactics designed to make you buy more and forget why you came there in the first place. That's a big deal, and not the money-saving kind. Do not underestimate how store layout affects your senses.

But it's not enough to have a list, you must see it as the full enchilada, not the just bare bones to jump start your shopping—if a food doesn't make the cut, it doesn't go in the cart. Even if you forgot to put it on the list in the first place! If you don't believe how important this is, just compare your list with your receipt. How much extra money did you spend versus the budgeted amount? Be ruthlessly disciplined during your shopping sprees for a few weeks and you'll become a seasoned list maker in no time.

2. You toss a good chunk of cold food each week...aka you're buying too much!

Oh, the vibrant veggies, fragrant nectarines, juicy meat cuts! Pile it on higher and higher and...you'll be tossing those same beauties in the garbage. Or buying elastic pants after inhaling it all. Freeze all but two meats and only buy for, at the most, one week of fresh produce. Save money and waste less.

If you find yourself constantly buying too much, sticking to your list will give you a clear idea of what you plan to consume for the week. Limit your snack and extra non-meal foods to two or three per week.
3. Convenience foods are conveniently expensive.

Who really wants to chop a pineapple? Or julienne carrots? Sure it's easier to buy the frozen dinners and pre-cut produce, but is it worth paying 30-60% more for it? You are not the only dude strapped for time. Knives are those long, sharp metal things Aunt Jean gave you for your wedding. Use them.

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