Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle gives the thrill of making your way through the wind, though in touch with ground. If you are in love with the fun and excitement of riding motorcycles, get an affordable motorcycle for yourself. Awesome speed, affordable price and fuel economy are what make it more more attractive than other vehicles like cars. Among the types of motorcycles, dual purpose bikes, street bikes and off-road bikes are worth a mention.

Street bikes are a most common and affordable motorcycle type that is designed to be driven on paved roads. Street motorcycles are fitted with aerodynamic panels and fenders to protect the functional body components of the bikes. They come with car-like features such as cushy seats, storage areas, smooth tires, odometers and speedometers for comfy ride. These bikes are good for regular transportation as they offer high fuel efficiency. It is an affordable motorcycle insurance for the commuters looking for budget-friendly means of conveyance.

However, street motorcycles are not suitable for off-road riding. Among the available types of street bikes, cruisers, sport bikes and touring bikes are most common. Cruisers promise a comfortable drive around town. Chopper-style motor bikes are good cruisers. An affordable motorcycle type, sport bikes are racy bikes known for their loud sound and awesome speed. Often referred to as 'crotch rockets', these are lightweight and offer great maneuverability.

As their name suggests, touring motorcycles are designed for long-distance drive. The curved seat with high-back support offers a relaxed and upright position to sit on. They come with spacious storage compartment and large fuel tank. Off-road motor bikes are another affordable motorcycle type. Suitable for recreational use, they are largely used in such sports as rallies. They are able to be driven on rocky terrains for their rugged designs.
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One Response to this post

  1. Ottawa on January 2, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    Motorcycle insurance is very expensive and in some places only ends up being for a couple of months because of the long winters. its very important to shop around.