The future mortgage rates in Canada

The previous few years have been very turbulent for the regular investors. Since the lat two years, the investors are facing inner turmoil while investing in stocks or property. Although the entire world suffered the consequences, the Canada property market has stood strong and is in fact on the rise since the beginning of 2010. The property sales in Canada had reached an exceptional high in the beginning of the year 2010 due to the rise in demand and Lower Canada mortgage rates. All these factors pushed the Canada home markets to a position that was better than the rest of the world.

There have been record sales in terms of property in the year 2010 which depended on several factors like the all time low Canada mortgage rates, huge demand and low level of inventory. As the property market stabilizes over the increase in number of inventories, the home prices are about to stabilize too. In places like Ontario and British Columbia, most of the home buyers are also rushing to avoid the incoming HST tax.

Although the property market is on a steady rise, the cost of home is not expected to rise much. This actually makes the property prices more reasonable in terms of mortgage rates. There is a marginal rise in the interest rates of mortgage in Canada that is going to flow into the initial months of 2011. However, that will not affect a home buyer’s mean to buy a home.

It is not simple to guess how the Canadian mortgage rates will affect the general property market, but most of the banks in Canada is of the opinion that the interest rates will be both fixed and adjustable in the coming few months. Banks like the CIBC estimates that the overnight rate of mortgage in Canada will reach 2% at the end of 2011, whereas the other banks like the Toronto Dominion and the Royal Bank of Canada suggests that the mortgage rates might go up to 3%. Some of the bank chooses to go for the average of 2.67%. The reason behind such a rate is the weak revival of the economic condition in US.

All the above estimation and projections are variable with respect to the Canadian economic condition. And since the Canada mortgage rates also depend on the international economic recovery, it therefore has an impact on the financial strategy of Canada as well as the prime lending rates.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, if you are looking towards buying a home inthe near future, you have a chance of saving a good amount over the mortgage rates by choosing a lender of goodwill who would tend you with the best interest rates. You can ideally look for an independent expert broker who can research for the lowest mortgage rates on your behalf and help you get in touch with a few excellent lenders so that you are able to save quite a sum of money as well as get the best mortgage rates in Canada.
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